Aragaki join

About Persona3. Aragaki joined a party. His persona resembles Sanada’s persona. For some reason, the tip of the spear is...

I get two community and one fellow

I get a community with a monk. This monk was in the club. This monk’s style is not as normal monk. Another community is ...

New object and new store

In Persona3 I found new object. By this object i can choice big growth character.I my party Junpei is most low level… In...

Swimsuit episode

Swimsuit episode comes in Persona3. Aigis join our party in this episode. Her water gun is different from a man.

New fellow join

I met suspicious man in moll. He request 20000 yen. I give him 20000 yen. Another day he request 10000 yen. I give him. ...

appear New characters

A dog appeared. In my memory, he becomes a companion. I saw persona3’s cinema they are bad person. May be my highest com...

Fuuka join a party

In Persona3 Fuuka join my party.She cann’t fight, she is supporter. She can analyze enemies. They get a new equipment. T...

First time devil

I never saw that devil in Persona. I think Persona3 Reload add some new devils. This devil’s name is Gururu. I ever see ...

Second boss

Playing Persona3. I expected my parameters to improve at the Game Center. But actually only up my persona’s status. Ther...

I finally gather the material for Jedrun saddle.

I met Luna queen. I met Hiety. I started creating a saddle of Jedrun. But the creating time is very long. I couldn’t wai...